Monday, October 12, 2009

Software that saves you time

It is no secret, I love technology that makes a measurable difference in my productivity. There are way too many tools today for anyone to test all the latest tools and gadgets but someone still needs to provide practical suggestions to sales people, business people and consumers without any bias. So while I don't test as much software as CNET, I read most of the reviews and am constantly hunting for new software.

Today, I share you with my current absolute favorite software that will save you time no matter who you are. It's not free, and here is where I would usually say you get what you pay for but you aren't paying me to write this..., but it is worth EVERY penny. The best time saving software I know of today is RoboForm. Roboform remembers all your passwords (that you want it to remember) and is very easy to use.

I bought the 3 license pack so I could use at home and business and it's worth every penny. Get Roboform today and let me know how it has helped you. I currently have over 50 passwords stored and can access them all with a master password. It saves my brain from struggling and keeps me from having to remember what user name I created as well as what password I used.

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