Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to blogging?

I often want to share information with people and do so via twitter, facebook or linkedin depending on the topic.  But sometimes I need to share more.  Sometimes it is personal, others it is business but I just let the idea pass.

I often think, I should blog this.  But I feel there are too many blogs.  Yes there are.  Perhaps what I blog can be helpful to the people I'm close to and provide them good info.  We'll see.

I plan to start blogging more, not for traffic, just for a place to point people once in awhile.

It will also serve as a bit of a journal for me so I'll be mixing personal thoughts and ideas with business.  I'll tag them appropriate so people can avoid my rambling.

I'm starting out very relaxed and perhaps over time I'll make it more professional and polished.  So if you are reading my blog, keep your expectations low.  And if no one reads it, it will still be good for me. :)

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