Sunday, November 6, 2011

Geographically challenged

Until I moved from FL to PA, I probably could not identify most of the states on the east coast, let alone the entire country.   It just had no meaning to me.  I wasn't interested.  In school, I memorized what I needed to know and passed the test.  But there was no reason to learn this information.  Moving changed that for me.

And in some ways my kids, but there world was still focused around the state we lived in.  Until this weekend.

This morning, my boys are asking me questions about what is the capital of this state, and what state borders Canada and more.  Now, they have a map and they are looking for this information without my help.

And, I'm learning too.  Why?  It's all thanks to stack the shapes ( on my ipad.  I paid $.99 and my kids are dying to learn about the states.   My 8 year old Evan, who turns 9 this week, said "Dad, can we buy stack the countries?".  I said after he finishes stack the states.

Kids today have access to an amazing teaching tool with the ipad and android tablets (I prefer the ipad for now but am awaiting my kindle fire in a few weeks).  If you have kids, or if like me you are geographically challenged, download stack the states.  It's a fun way to learn.  While I don't like playing it myself, it's great to have my kids ask me the questions and learn when I don't know the answer.

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