Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So this blog is stale because I hate writing about boring things.  I prefer to tweet links to great articles (you can follow me on twitter @daledenham).

But, in order to kick start my blog, I'm going to post some random thoughts on my P90x experience.  I started Monday and am committed to following the excercise portion (hopefully the diet too).

I'm in good shape, or so I thought before I started this.  Man was I sore.  Then last night I tried to do plyometrics.  I couldn't do most of what was being done and I'm a runner.  So hopefully I'll be better on day 90. 

I'm 20 pounds heavier than I'd like to be and would be thrilled if I can drop 10 in 90 days while also improving my overall health.

So far, the best part of P90x is my 2.5 year old twin girls doing it with me.  It's quite cute, and sometimes annoying as they get in my way, to see them trying the moves.  I suppose it is better than my 7 & 9 year old boys who just play video games while I do it!