Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jean shorts are NOT OK!

Jean shorts are not ok!  

In the 90’s, I rocked a pair of stonewashed denim jean shorts.  I looked so good in them I had 2 pair!  Now, no pair of jean shorts looks good on me (or anyone else for that matter) and there are several other things that are no longer acceptable.
  1. Bluetooth headsets when not in use.  Bluetooth headsets are not cool.  But I see the use occasionally and I love Bluetooth in my car. But lose the headset when you are not using it.  It really won’t take you that long to put it on if your phone rings.  Better yet, ditch it altogether and get a ZAGG headset with great quality sound and cords that don’t tangle.
  2. Not recycling your old electronics.  Either because I spend too much time in earth aware Maine or because I have 4 kids, but I recycle every chance I get.  And if you throw away any electronic, you are doing a HUGE disservice.  Take a minute and put your electronics where they belong.

  3. Not using your speech to text on your smartphone.  If you are typing everything, you are missing a huge productivity saver.  iPhone 4s has siri who will type everything for you and schedule meetings.  Droid has it built in but did not name the feature although a nice app called speaktoitassistant puts a nice interface on the capability.
  4. Not using HDMI cables for your computer and TV.  The simplicity and quality of HDMI is remarkable compared to VGA.  HDMI cables are inexpensive if purchased from Amazon and they are truly plug and play.  If you don't have an HDMI in on your monitor or out on your PCI, get a DVI adapter.
  5. Any computer with less than 4 gig of memory.  Memory is CHEAP.  If you are using a computer with less than 4 GIG of memory (RAM), you are torturing yourself.  And if you are using a really old laptop with less than 4 GIG that can’t be upgraded, you are really torturing yourself because a new laptop with 4 GIG of memory can be had for $350.  Seriously, if you have less than 4 GIG, you are losing hours per day waiting on your computer.
  6. Not unsubscribing from emails you don’t read.  You’ve got mail!  Remember when we loved that sound?  That was so 90’s.  Now we drown in email, yet we are too busy to unsubscribe from the email so we end up drowning from exponential overload.  Do you really need all that junk email?  Take a few minutes each day and click unsubscribe.
  7. Buying a droid tablet instead of an iPad.  Oh No You Di’n’t!  But if you did, give it up and get an iPad.  You’ll be glad you did (I have a droid phone for the record and love it) No droid tablet has touched the iPad due to the lack of tablet apps for droids.  Samsung is making nice tablets and Google’s latest is nice too but nothing beats the iPad, yet.
  8. sent from my [network name here] iPad/iPhone/droid” as your email tag line.  Take 40 seconds and change it to something less gimmicky.  I prefer “Sent from my mobile device, please forgive brevity and typos”.
  9. Reading 50 shades of grey in a non-electronic format in public.  Read it on your kindle and keep it to yourself!
Now, I'm off to party in my new jean shorts.

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