Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Promo Unsubscribe Day

I, Dale T. Denham, do hereby declare Friday February 1st 2013 "Promo Unsubscribe" day.

This day represents freedom for people from the tyranny of all the junk mail flooding our inbox's.  Freedom to waste more time on social media (ok, that isn't so good).  Freedom to focus on real priorities.  Freedom to spend our time the way we want to, not searching for important emails in between promotions and newsletters.

It's actually worth doing and I hope you'll join me.  Right now, block 33 minutes on your calendar for Friday February 1st.  During that time, you are to click the unsubscribe on as many emails as you possibly can.  Here is what you need to do.

  1. Every promotional  newsletter (except perhaps Promomarketing, PPB & PromoGram) or other junk email you receive between now and Feb 1, move it to a new email folder.  Call it whatever you want, I'll call mine STOP.
  2. On February 1st, open your STOP folder and open each email, immediately scroll to the bottom and click unsubscribe.  If you find yourself reading a newsletter, you can always resubscribe if you miss it but I bet you won't.
  3. After you are finished delete all the emails.
  4. Repeat the first every month until you've eliminated so many emails you are wishing you had more to read.

And the killer thing is, you'll save more time the next week spending 33 minutes on Promo Unsubscribe day.  And each week thereafter.  In the future, I'll talk about using rules but unsubscribing is the right first step so don't delay.

Join me on national promo unsubscribe day and build a better tomorrow, today (er, Feb 1).

You can do it, Yes you can!

PS And before you sign up for any more newsletters or shows, create an extra email account at Yahoo, gmail or hotmail (I like Gmail the best) and use that for ALL newsletters, shows, etc.  That will let you check the newsletters when you have time and keep your business email client focused on business.


  1. Dale, I am so there. I have already created my STOP folder and am waiting for these emails to come in so I can put them into it.

    I delete, without reading, possibly 50-75 emails per day.

    Thank you for starting this wonderful holiday.