Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Make it EPIC

Admit it, you are guilty. You use phrases you shouldn't. I'm not talking about saying "epic" when something cool happens like my 10 year old. I'm talking about the tired, abused, misused, and lame phrases.

For example (note, I didn't say like!):

  • I could care less
My biggest pet peeve.  If you COULD care less, you actually care.  So if you are going to say it, say it properly.

  • Uh 
My worst college professor was by biology teacher. I couldn't listen to anything she said because every sentence had at least three "ums" or "uhs" in it.  This is a complete annoyance for any conversation or worse a presenter.  This is followed closely by

  • You know
This is just not necessary.  Usually the people who use this phrase, well, you know, use it a a lot (which by the way is a phrase that really should not be used but if you do use it, it is 2 words "a lot" not 1 "alot".)  Geez, I'm getting grumpy...
  • Just sayin
This one is self explanatory. I hope.

  • Like
I can't stop myself from using this phrase but I do try.  It's easier when writing but in conversations it solves so many transitions.  We really need to find a better way.
  • At the end of the day

Calgon, take me away!  This phrase became so overused in the dot com days of the late 90's. It was the way anyone with an idea would/could skip over all the details about why their stupid idea wouldn't work.  The only acceptable time to use this phrase is when you are inviting someone to have a drink with you "at the end of the day".

  • It's not rocket science (or) It's not brain surgery
I'll admit it, I use this on occasion.  But it is overused and usually by the same people to over simplify things rather than face the facts.

  • Actually or Literally
This one is a favorite of sales people and in particular technical sales people.  If you see a software demonstration and the sales person says something along the lines of "You can actually do..." or "You can literally..." watch out.  This usually means they are hiding something.  Literally.

  • Apple to apple comparison
I'm not really tired of this one, but is comparing apples to apples a 1980's mac thing?  Since Apple now has so many devices, how can they really be compared?

So, those are my issues, add your two cents below.  I know most of you are thinking, what---ever... But, at the end of the day, it is not brain surgery to leave a comment so think outside the box unless you could care less, literally.  Know that if you don't leave a comment, I could actually care less. Like, for sure.  But if you do, make it Epic.

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