Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The simple way to create a powerful rule

So much of your email is newsletters, special offers and promotions that it clogs your inbox and your mind.  Thus, you get overwhelmed.  Removing just a few of those will help you be more productive and let you get the most out of your newsletters and promotions.  The next time you get an email promotions, follow these simple steps:

In Outlook 2010

  • Right click the Inbox folder and click New Folder
    • Enter a name for the folder you want to create (I called mine promos)
  • Right click the message containing your newsletter or promotions.  
    • Click Rules.
    • Click “Always move messages from: [email address]”
    • Click the folder you just created (Promos)
In Gmail
  • Click the message containing your newsletter or promotions.  
    • Click the button More.
  • Choose Filter messages like these
  • Click create filter with this search
    • Select Skip the inbox
    • Select Apply the label (and choose your folder) 
One thing to be aware of is that gmail autohides the folders so you have to look when you have new messages.

And on the first of every month, take the time to unsubscribe from items you don't find useful.  It will save you even more time.  See the post on promo unsubscribe day for more.

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