Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thank a techy with cheese?

April 3rd is Cheese Weasel Day!

It's a real holiday.  I had no idea.  None, until +Bobby Lehew told me about it last week.

Cheese Weasel Day is a holiday to thank the geeks in your life in a very, very geeky way.  Evidently, you are supposed to give cheese to a techy you appreciate.  I really have ZERO interest in getting a bunch of cheese from people on April 3rd, but it can't be any worse than our Harlem shake video.  So here are some options for you  on April 3rd to show some tech love to your favorite techy:
  • Arrange secretly for a slice of cheese to be placed under the mouse pad of a tech person you know and appreciate.
  • Plan a Cheese Weasel Day party with all the trimmings.  Melt fondue, make grilled cheese sandwiches, eat nachos, anything cheesy works.
  • Send a link to the Cheese Weasel Song and learn it so you can use it at your own CWD celebration.
  • Give your favorite tech person a Thank You shout out on Twitter using the hash tags #cheeseweaselday
  • Anything to do with cheese on April 3rd is acceptable.  
So have a little fun this April 3rd and give some cheese to your favorite techy.  For the record, I like blue cheese or goat cheese... :)

A little history of this "holiday" from

The Cheese Weasel Day  story  started in Silicon Valley in the early 90′s. A couple out for a day in the park on April 3rd noticed a weasel carrying a piece of wrapped cheese and wondered what was going on. They decided they must have had a rare sighting of the Cheese Weasel. Their story eventually morphed into the urban myth of the Cheese Weasel who brings cheese to the good little tech industry workers, leaving a piece of cheese under their mouse pads on April 3rd.

Since that time, the celebration of the Cheese Weasel has grown and become an Internet holiday tradition that celebrates the contributions of workers in the tech industry. Tech workers get a lot of grief from people and are often under-appreciated. Cheese Weasel Day is a fun way to say thank you to them.

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  1. The real story here is "Cheese Weasel Beats Geiger Harlem Shake". :-) Thanks for "spreading" the love, Dale!