Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The 12 Months of Christmas

Merry Christmas.

It's that time of year again. My neighborhood is covered in cobwebs, spiders, and one quite disturbing house with psycho clowns.

It can only mean one thing: it's Christmas time!

Yes, for the next few weeks our social media feeds will be full of people complaining about how Christmas decorations are up too soon and ruining the real reason for Christmas. And when Thanksgiving rolls around, we will see our Facebook feeds quickly switch to people complaining about how they don't have enough time to get everything done especially since there is one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

Yet, for those marketing online, seasonal selling is year round. Yes, year round. This post can be viewed at any time and Google can serve it up in the result set whenever Google determines this is the most relevant post. Will that be if people search for Halloween and promotional products? Or perhaps when they search for psycho clowns and technology?

Or perhaps it will be when someone Google's "Dale Denham." Hmmm. Here is an odd thought. What if someone Google's psycho clowns and Dale Denham? No doubt, this post would be number one in the results. But since I bought the domain name www.DaleDenhamIsAPsychoClown.com and posted this article on that page, it will surely become the number one result if you were to Google “Dale Denham Psycho Clown.”

But I digress, the point is, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an ongoing activity and the blog you post today will be available for years to come. But you can't rest on your past activity too much; Google recognizes the value of relevancy and timing of your post is a big factor in determining relevancy. So in fact, my Merry Christmas post might do quite well for the next several weeks. And on the odd chance someone searches for psycho clowns and Christmas, I might do well there too.

Some of you have noticed a few "hyperlinks" in my post.  These too are very important to your SEM.  If I want a specific result to appear when you type in "Geiger won't quit working for you" I hyperlink the copy to the site I want it to go to (in this case I could have titled it "Watch Dale Denham fall while dancing.")

There is much to learn about search engine marketing that I can't teach you, but many resources can.  In the meantime, just remember that every time you blog or post on your social networks, you are posting something that might bring business for years to come.

P.S. A big Hanukkah shout out to all my Jewish friends, especially you Jason Lerner, I'm not ignoring Hanukkah, but I can only cover so much in 1 post.  And besides, this is evidently the one and only time Hanukkah will ever coincide with Thanksgiving and is so early, it wouldn't have worked well for this post!

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