Monday, April 7, 2014

Go Mobile, Or Go Home

Some people talk mobile. I live it.
I am, without a doubt, the most mobile CIO in the USA.   Name one other CIO that is so committed to mobile that immerses themselves all the way to the point of staying in a mobile home.

That WIFI bridge to lets you share an internet connection from a primary connection up to a mile away. (Yes, these are the same jean shorts from Jean Shorts are Not OK)

I've got my Samsung S4 wherever I go and I love my bluetooth headset.  But nothing like rocking with my monster bluetooth speaker. It's like being back in the 80's when I carry this bad boy on my shoulder.  And I can still look cool rocking my bluetooth headphones for phone calls on the other ear!

I love my ipad air.

My chromecast so I can stream Nascar from my ipad or S4 to my TV.

My slingbox for watching TV from wherever I am. I love slinging the DirectTV Sunday ticket to my mobile device when I travel.

My go pro for catching all the action.  I can't seem to find the right attachment for my cap...

My Zagg charger for charging my mobile devices.

My mobile humidifier from Brookstone. If water is good for your skin, PBR will be even better.

And my Bowflex weights don't travel well but they sure work well for small spaces.

Someday, I'm going to upgrade to an RV which is a bit more mobile, but for now, I'm still more mobile than any other CIO.

Go mobile, or go home.

Personal note:
The point of this post got lost in the fun of the photo's.  The original intent was to stress how important mobile will be to your business in the coming years and the importance of immersing yourself in B2B mobile e-commerce. Once I saw the photo's, I realized there was no possible way to weave in a serious message.  So, I'll settle for making you laugh and if by chance you start thinking more serious about your mobile strategy it will all be worth it.  But if you want to read a small excerpt of my thoughts on mobile, read Is B2B Mobile Important?

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