Monday, April 7, 2014

Is B2B Mobile Important?

As a business, I need to ensure customers and people in the field have access to the information they need from their mobile devices.  But the primary use of mobile devices is still email and "social" type activities.  That is changing, but not as rapidly as the press would have you believe.

Yes, you need a mobile site and you should probably have one some time this year.  But at what cost?  There are so many factors that have to go into your mobile strategy, it's not simply "give me a mobile site".

What is the most important thing your customers really need? If 95% of your customers are using a desktop site and are not getting all the value they need, now may not be the time to invest heavily in mobile.

Of course, Google is said to be penalizing search rankings for lack of mobile responsiveness which if true, could be very critical to your business, if not your customers. Also, if you have a physical location where customers visit you, mobile is 100% necessary.  You must make it easy to get your phone number and address information (with a link to Google maps) via mobile.  

I had taken some pictures to help show the importance of mobile, but the photo shoot got a little out of hand. It became too silly to make serious but it might remind you that you should be immersing yourself in mobile. If you want to see the out of hand photo shoot - read Go Mobile Or Go Home.

And please, if mobile is more important than I am giving it credit for, share the reasoning.  For me it comes down to what does the user want/need which is why I penned "Don't Build that crAPP".

Dale Denham, MAS+, is considered the industry's top technologist and is the chief information officer at Geiger . Read Dale's thoughts on technology, business, and the promotional products world ever other Tuesday. Follow Dale on Twitter @GeigerCIO.

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