Tuesday, June 3, 2014

1 Way To Get More Out of Your Life

At home.
At work.
In the car.
In bed.
In the bathroom.

Put it down. "IT", is your mobile phone.
We are obsessed with our mobile phones (but you know that).

Give your undivided attention. You might learn something.
Give your significant other your undivided attention, you might find a meaningful connection.
Give your employees your undivided attention, you WILL learn something.

And in bed and the bathroom, relax. Sleep, pee, or whatever needs to be done. But disconnect from that darn device for a few minutes.

And in the car, please, please, for the love of everyone on the road, put it down. Don't look at it or type while driving. 

I'm not perfect but I've come a LONG way and my addiction to checking my phone is 10-20% of my all time high. I can even walk into a bathroom without pulling my phone out of my pocket. I'm happier for it. 

And if I don't get better, I'm going to start wearing this device to meetings. 

What do you think? Is there a market for this as a top selling promotional product?

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