Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The best "dock" for laptops

My lenovo yoga is awesome but it has only 3 usb ports and 1 is a type c.  It has NO external video options other than USB.  I tried a bunch of $10 and $20 cable converters and spent well over $100 and probably contributed to the problem I had with windows needing to be reinstalled.

Today I installed the DELL universal dock. $110 from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Dell-Display-UltraHD-Universal-D3100/dp/B00O0M46KO

I'm not a DELL fan but I am a fan of this product.
  • Truly plug and play - It worked perfectly out of the box
  • 5 USB ports 
  • Ethernet port for wired networking reliability and speed
  • Audio jack for audio out
  • Supports 3 monitors 2 of which are HDMI
This universal dock is a great buy. I highly recommend for anyone using a laptop who wants 1 or more monitors.