Friday, April 1, 2016

Divoom AuraBox - My review

Received a customized Divoom AuraBox as a sample.  We (Geiger) sell these but we don't list them on our website because we haven't yet determined if they are a product we want to feature.  We limit our products on our websites to products and vendors we believe offer good value.

My Divoom AuraBox arrived in a nice package and I was excited to open it and use it.  I immediately plugged it into my computer speaker jack to see if it could replace my existing external speaker.  Nope. It requires power.  So I charged it and then left it plugged in.  Nope.  My other speakers work fine via the headset jack. Strike 1.

Tried to find support to see if I was doing something wrong.  Found FAQ but no help. Strike 2.

Downloaded the app and connected AuraBox to my android. Worked fine.  Yet, I was not excited about having a bright clock with notifications sitting at my computer.  So while this is not strike 3 for me, it wasn't a win either.

After writing the above, I was sure I had overlooked something. Sound quality, something.  So I charged in and plugged it back in the headset jack on my laptop.  A hissing sound came on.  Moved cables, tried plugging into different ports. Nothing.  The hiss/buzz continued.  This makes the speaker unusable for me. Strike 4.

The logo for is on the speaker which is on the backside of the device. The lights are intended to be the front side. So this is a nice subtle placement but I'm not sure it will get the visibility I would want from a promotional product.  The imprint quality is very nice.

Bottom line. The setup of this device left me frustrated. The sound quality and light features are nice for people who want that.  I would avoid this product as a promotional product and find something that will leave the customer with a better experience.

If you want to buy one for yourself after reading my review, be my guest.

For me, I'm sticking with my Mini Boom for now but looking forward to getting my new Amazon Tap next week!

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