Monday, April 4, 2016

I loved FIOS and now I am forced to switch to a horrible company called frontier

I have been a happy Verizon Fios customer for 4 years since moving back to FL.  Last week I was notified my tv, phone, and internet had been sold to Frontier communications.

No big deal to me. I figure everything will be nearly as good and the hiccups won't matter because I mostly use Internet and they won't dare mess that up.  I rarely watch TV or use the phone.

Last night, I tried to watch Better Call Saul on AMC using my AMC app.  I logged in with FIOS and was told I had to login with Frontier credentials. So I created my credentials and tried again.  Nope.  In fact, Frontier is not even an option on the AMC app.

So I call support thinking there must be something I am missing.  The first person I get is horrible.  Every time I restate the issue about the app, she proceeds to confirm I'm having problems with my cable box.  After 15 minutes of this, she finally agrees to transfer me to customer service.  After 20 minutes on hold, I get another uninformed representative who does the same thing and proceeds to tell me to unplug my cable box.

So I ask to speak to a supervisor.  The supervisor is equally uninformed and does not understand the AMC app or watching TV via apps at all.

I'm completely ok with issues and not having things my way.  I would even be ok (upset, but realizing business is business) if Frontier could tell me that I can't watch AMC any longer.  I would probably still switch to Bright House, but I would not complain about it.

The service people and the lack of information on the web site have me very worried about my upcoming experience with Frontier.  If I don't get a better sense soon, I'll be moving to Bright House and likely encouraging my neighbors to do the same.  I don't want to wait around for bad service when something goes wrong.  It's one thing I loved about Verizon, they have great products AND great service overall.

The above is my experience, but I'm not alone.  Google "Frontier Communications Complaints" and wow!

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