Thursday, April 7, 2016

My favorite travel mug

I get my share of SWAG or promotional items.  I have quite a few that I really cherish whether it's my backpack, my umbrella, or any other item.  One item, however, I use quite often is my vacuum tumbler (AKA travel mug).

I've had this mug for almost a year now and I love it.  I can bring my coffee in my backpack and be 100% sure not a single drop will leak (unless I forget to close the lid!).  Plus, if I get busy and don't start drinking it for an hour or longer, it's still hot.

I am obviously a huge believer in the power of a promotional product and some deliver more value than others.  This travel mug has served me well and I enjoy looking at my company logo every day.  A full year and the logo still looks great.

I'm amazed at how hot my coffee remains hours after pouring it.  Most days, I can easily revisit my coffee after lunch and it's still hot (not as hot, but still more than warm).

I give this vacuum tumbler my full 5 star rating and love it.  Thanks to Jon Norris for setting me, and a few of my colleagues, up with this great mug.

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