Monday, April 18, 2016

Product review - BC5704 Power Tech Backpack

My good friend Jennifer Mason from Sweda saw my old backpack and sent me a new Sweda backpack.  If you are like me, giving up your comfortable backpack is hard to do.  I'm all for change, but not when it comes to my backpack!

Nevertheless, I gave it a shot because I like Jennifer and I really needed a new backpack.  I've only used it for about 1 week at this point and I have found many things to like about the Power Tech Backpack.  A few things I don't like as well, but plenty to like.

Strong & Durable
This backpack feels soft to the touch but also has an incredible amount of padding. I feel like you can throw the bag 20 feet with a laptop and ipad inside and the contents will be safe.

Built in Power
This backpack comes with a very powerful 6000 mAH charger and cable.  Sure, you can sell them seperately but this is a nice feature with built cord keeping capabilities to keep things neat. My backpack always gets messy so I like this feature.  This adds cost to the item so it's an important feature to highlight how valuable the charger is.

Lots of pockets and places to store things.  Lots of them.

Compact & light
This backpack does a nice job of keeping the contents compressed so that it fits in smaller spaces.Feels good on the back.

Those are the things I like the most about the backpack.  A few things that aren't as good (but shouldn't keep you from buying or selling it) are in order so you know this is an honest and unbiased review.  I wouldn't be me if I didn't tell you the whole truth...

  1. Zippers are stiff.  After a few uses they are still stiff but they do seem to be loosening up.
  2. Very tight to get stuff out.  Again, getting looser with use, but starts very stiff. Part of the trade off of having it be a compact backpack.
  3. I prefer a black backpack to grey for personal preference but the grey really allows the G! logo to stand out so it's a great branding opportunity.

All in all, I give it 4 stars out of 5.  It's a higher price point so it's going to be targeted to people who have a larger budget and want to provide more than a backpack.

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