Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Really amazing service from Vornado

I bought a vornado fan 2 years ago.  I lost the remote at some point and stopped using the fan.  It's starting to get warm again in Florida and my office tends to warm up faster than the rest of the house and adjusting the fan would require me to get up and walk 2 feet...

On a whim, I decided to email vornado to buy a replacement remote.  Their response delighted me and has made me a fan of the company.

My email was replied to pretty quickly asking for my model number and shipping address.  It stated "we will send you a replacement remote at no charge".

4 days later, I received a remote in the mail. No shipping charges. No remote charges. They even included a battery (the battery is coin battery which is not something people usually keep at home).

When I get service like this, it creates a lasting impression on me.  I will definitely buy another vornado if I need a fan based on this experience.

How will you treat your customers so great that they think of you every time they need to purchase what you sell?  You can't be average, you have to exceed expectations.

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