Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stop making excuses

4/19/16 honoring Brooke Kelly Pasch
I made excuses for years.  Mary (my assistant years ago) kept pushing me to stop making excuses.  She kept setting an example for me.  Mary gave blood. Consistently.  So I finally did.

Now, I give blood consistently.  Now, I want you to stop making excuses.

Giving blood is:

  • Scary for many first timers
  • Time consuming
  • An amazing gift
You don't get a tax donation. You don't get a thank you from the person who gets your blood.  You don't get paid for giving blood.  

You really don't get anything for giving an hour of your time.  You don't get anything for your pint of blood.  

Fortunately, someone else does get something.  Someone gets to live another day or longer. Someone gets a better life.  

Even if you believe in Karma, don't give to get.  Give because you can help someone.

Yesterday, I gave again. Every time I give, I do so to honor Brooke Kelly Pasch.  My hope and desire is that I'm giving blood that will help another person impact the world in a way that Brooke did.  If you can, give blood.  Someone needs it.