Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wasted energy

When things don't go well, people get upset.  When people get upset, people spend time and energy trying to keep others calm.  That energy is wasted.

You can't always prevent problems so how you react is up to you.  Will you cause people to scurry to make you happy, or will you allow them to react properly?  If people are afraid of you, they will almost always try not to get in trouble.  If people know you respect them, they will work to solve the problem.

Allowing the problem to occur is the root cause and we must do all we can to prevent problems.  Then again, if you spend too much time preventing problems, it's tough to move things forward. Allow for small mistakes, but if you find too many small mistakes (or heaven forbid a few big ones), stop and ask yourself what needs to be done.

Stop wasting your energy overreacting and you'll save everyone else's energy too.  If you have to overreact to get people to do the right thing, you probably have the wrong people.

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