Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why I gave up on OneNote - Updated - Maybe Onenote afterall!

OneNote included with Office 365 and has great formatting, so why did I drop it and go back to Evernote?

Well first of all, I still love one note.  It's a great note taking tool and has far more features than Evernote.  But, it doesn't have the key features I need.

The main feature I use evernote for is clipping articles and emails.  OneNote has this feature but for some strange reason converts a webpage to an image instead of keeping the text.  Why, I have no idea. but this one feature alone is the primary reason I am sticking with Evernote.

So for straight note taking, Onenote wins.  But for the way I use notebooks, Evernote wins.  I tried using both because I thought I could use evernote for clips and onenote for note taking. but that became confusing and didn't add value.  So I'm back to Evernote only until Onenote web clipping improves.

UPDATED - 4/16/16

After tweeting this article and tagging onenote, they pointed out (quite nicely) that the article clipping feature does what I was looking for.  I have added back the plugin and am going to give it another try.

At this point, if you are considering changing, you might want to take a look at the article feature first. I still wish this was the default OR they would let me change it to the default.