Thursday, May 12, 2016

Being busy

People have started to tell me they don't want to say they are busy or "crazy busy" so they use a different word.  It makes sense to me because I'm hearing it all the time.  This week, I'm being pulled in a dozen different directions.

Important 2 day meetings off site followed by my 25th anniversary along with my son receiving a special honor for SAT scores.  This is after mothers day which I still haven't sent my mom a card (but did give my wife one!).  I have to pack for important travel and complete presentations that are due. Reports, yes they are due as well.  Of course, I need to see my kids and wife too.

Being busy is the new normal so it makes sense we all want to stop saying it.  Maybe I'll start saying "I'm being pulled in 30 directions" because when we are pulled in different directions is when we feel the most overwhelmed.

This blog was written despite being pulled in different directions. One of projects capturing my attention is to try to keep blogging every day.  It's been a week. :(

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