Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Never leave your computer unlocked

I spent a few days with industry colleagues last week in Chicago and got quite a bit accomplished.  My favorite part of the week was when one of my colleagues left the room for only a minute with his computer unlocked.  Keep in mind that everyone in the room is highly technical and also knows me well enough to know you should lock your computer.

Today I received this note:

So I go to type this email to the most wonderful person I know and every time I type his name, it gets replaced with the most wonderful person I know.

Now I’m not saying he’s not the most wonderful person I know, but I am impressed.

Oh and I will NEVER leave my laptop unlocked while he is near it.  Never again that is.

Well played sir.

Well played indeed

It only took 1 minute to change his autocorrect so that when he typed "Dale" it replaced "Dale" with "The most wonderful person I know".  He caught me at his computer but I was quick enough to see his reflection behind me and act like I hadn't gotten to anything.

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