Friday, June 3, 2016

Prioritizing and the lack of time.

Last week I was in DC and the week before that I was in Mexico for 2 days (all business, but fun business).   During that time, I responded only to the most urgent emails and requests.  I just this morning got to some voicemails that were left during that time.

Now I'm essentially caught up.  Thus, I am taking the time to start blogging again.  I intended to blog every day (or weekdays) but the work I was doing required all my attention.  Returning home, it was a mix of family and work needing my attention.

We all have times where we have more to do than will reasonably fit into our day. Yes, I could have still made time to blog or even return a phone call or 2.  However, I chose to focus all my energy on the work in front of me rather than split myself too much.

I already split myself more than I should so this is an important shift for me. We all need to focus more.  The constant news feed we get keeps us jumping from one thing to the next.

The reality is we almost always have enough time to do what needs to be done.  What we don't have is clarity of priorities.  Time forces us to prioritize.  Sometimes we truly don't have enough time, but it is rare.  Instead of more time, we need to prioritize better.