Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why my dad is special

My dad inspires me.  Just this week, I needed my dad.  He was there for me.  This isn’t the first time I needed him and it won’t be the last.   My dad has been there for my sisters too. He’s been there for my children and for many others.

Tuesday night we had my dad over for early Father’s day because I’ll be traveling on Father’s day.  When we sat down for dinner, I asked my kids to think about what makes “Papa” special.  Each of them told stories about what they loved.  What amazed me is the details of the stories they told.  Details of things that happened long ago but that created a bond with him for them.

One of my children talked about the time he (my son) was facing a significant personal challenge and became significantly anxious.  My dad came over and talked with him on 2 different occasions and helped him work through the challenge when I was out of town on business. 

I teared up as my son told the story because my dad has been there for me during my times of challenges. Every time.  Always supporting me, always caring, always available.  As my son finished, I said “ditto” because that is all I could say without crying.

Beyond being there whenever any of his children, grandchildren, or friends need him, my dad is impressive for many other reasons.  For example, despite being 70+, he has not stopped improving himself. He hasn’t stopped looking at other perspectives. He hasn’t stopped listening to see what he might be missing.  In fact, he has done more listening and has become more open-minded.   This trait of his is so inspiring to me and makes him fun to be around.

He is always giving of himself to others.

When my family moved back to Florida 4 years ago, the moving van was late and I had to travel and was not here during the unloading.  We live in a neighborhood with very small 1 way streets, barely enough for a car to drive if someone is parked on the road.  The moving van was not going to be able to make it because of the dozens of cars parked on the road between the entrance to the neighborhood and my house at the back of the neighborhood.  This meant additional expense of another truck and unloading twice.   Rather than let this happen, my dad went door to door and asked people if they would move their cars until all the cars were moved.  I often drive down my streets and think about how my dad did this.  It’s a reflection on who he is and how much he cares for others because while he did this for us, he would not have done this for himself.

My dad is special and I’m so thankful for him every day. 

Happy Father’s day dad! I love you.