Friday, April 14, 2017

A bad experience but I am back with Frontier

I canceled Frontier in January and they did not make it easy at all. I was paying a little over $200 a month for cable, internet, and phone.    First, I will share the bad experience and then get to why I came back and how the experience is.

When I called to cancel, I said I wanted to keep internet if they could come close to $50 a month (Spectrum offers $40).  They told me no, so I canceled TV and phone immediately with a plan to cancel internet as soon as I had spectrum.  3 days later, I had spectrum installed (it was a great experience) and called to cancel my internet immediately.

The agents both assured me there was no problem and that I would get my boxes soon. I got boxes for my cable boxes but not the modem. I shipped the cable boxes back immediately and waited for the modem.  After 2 weeks, I called again and was told I never canceled anything.  What?  I assured them I did. They then agreed to cancel all services AND backdate to my first and second call.  Ok, thanks.

Nope.  I get my final bill and it shows my cancelation was the last call which resulted in almost another $200.  I called but kept getting the runaround so I tweeted about it.  The social media team reached out to me and offered to help.  It was at least someone consistent but they once again told me I didn't cancel until the 3rd call.  I assured them I did and to listen to their recording of the first 2 calls.  It was not until I threatened to take them to small claims court that they finally gave me the credit.

My suggestion to anyone canceling frontier or other cable products, tell them you are recording the call as well and record it to play back if something happens.

My experience with Spectrum was good but not great. They gave me a good modem, installed on time and were pretty friendly during the install. Speeds were great.  I was happy with my $40 a month expense saving $180 a month using HULU, Netflix, and my HD antenna for local channels (along with Tablo to record shows especially on CBS which is not available on HULU).

I was happy.  My wife was less happy but was happy to be saving money.  She mentioned that she missed a few channels but felt it was worth it.  The next day frontier sent me an offer for $55 a month for TV and internet ( which goes up to $75 after 6 months.  This includes the cost of the modem, DVR, as well as HBO free for 2 years.  I figured for a few bucks more a month, making Kim happy was worth it.

Frontier installed the modem and DVR today. I was not expecting much but the installer who came but was exceptionally good.  He went out of his way to do things right and I realized how little Spectrum did when they installed the modem.  He really made spectrum look bad from the installation side of things (but Spectrum customer service has been much better).  I had moved some cables in the attic and he went up there and reconnected them without complaint. He added wall plates where I needed them and also added a remote extender without my asking as my cable box is behind my wall.   He did not leave until everything was tested and working.

Service matters and I really struggled with going back to Frontier based on their customer service.  Price also matters and Spectrum would not come close to Frontiers offering so I canceled.  If they had come closer, I would have stayed with Spectrum for the better service even at a few dollars.

I am hopeful that Frontier will improve their customer service. They clearly have done a good job with their installers or at least the one I got today.

I'm still all for cutting the cord. I have a lifetime subscription to Tablo (DVR for antenna) and my antenna still works.  I am hopeful by the time my special price ends in 2 years that the options like Slingtv (I tried and did not like) are better.  Yes, I know about KODI but that is just too much for me even though I know how to set it up. I am happy to pay for a service that adds value as long as it is a reasonable charge.

My technician was Daniel A from Carrollwood.  He deserves at least a pat on the back from his boss at Frontier for doing such a great job and starting my new Frontier relationship off on the right foot.

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