Friday, April 14, 2017

I can communicate with my son again thanks to SnapChat

Last week I took my 2 sons on a field trip to NASA with their school.  We had a good time and it was fun to see them interact with their friends even if I didn't love everything about the interactions.

My oldest son discovered snapchat during the trip and had a blast with his friends.  He was on it constantly.  He loves the silliness and ease of communications.  He was instantly addicted.

I have not been a snapchat fan installing it only to understand it.  Prior to last week, I think I sent 5 snaps total and still haven't built a story.  That all changed last week.

My son is 14 and rarely if ever replies to me on skype, text, or via phone.  I cannot stress how hard it is to get my son to reply to me on anything.  It was nearly impossible.

So this week, I started sending him simple messages via snapchat.  I get instant responses. I can once again communicate with my son when he is not right next to me.

I still do not get the snapchat business model overall nor do I agree with the valuation. However, for reaching the under 30 crowd (and I guess some of the hipster "olds"), it's pretty effective.  I hope it does not become a primary tool for me outside of my kids, but I guess time will tell.


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