Friday, June 30, 2017

Zappos customer service is all that it is hyped up to be

I just got off the phone with Zappos returning several pair of shoes that I bought to try out. Tara, the customer service person, was incredible.  She really made it feel like she was a friend as she spoke to me. Sure, the service was great, but Tara was really relaxed and happy.  She was happy to chat but not too chatty.

She asked what I needed to exchange and what I needed to return.  She took care of it all quickly while asking questions to ensure I was getting what I wanted.  She offered either USPS or UPS for the return.  She kindly handled the need to return the exchange within 2 weeks to avoid a charge but that all the others shoes I had plenty of time.  The return label is emailed to me and my exchange will be here Monday.

Why in the world would I shop anywhere else for shoes?  I won't except for brands they don't carry.

The service is incredible and the prices are great.  

I've read the book, I've met Tony Hsieh after hearing him speak, and now I've experienced the reality first hand.   Read the book, buy their products:, enjoy their service, and learn from them.

Be like Zappos when you work with your clients.

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